Adult Fitness Classes, Pilates & Adult Gymnastics


Adult Fitness (FIT CLASSES)

Here is your opportunity to get fit in a fun and comfortable environment!  Our FIT CLASSES (Fun Inspired Training) are unique in that they also incorporate some of our fun gymnastics equipment too.

Our fitness classes are a fun way to add variety to your weekly workout. They are a unique mix of fitness activities, circuit work, core and strengthening… most importantly they are FUN!

For the mums that have young children at home on a Thursday morning, we are providing a FREE CRÈCHE so you can come along for a workout and know that your children will be well cared for and entertained.


Pilates targets and isolate deep core muscles, which helps to stabilise the spine and flatten your stomach. There are three main glute muscles and they all have different functions – all of which are focused on throughout our Pilates classes.

Other areas of the body that are focused on include the lower trapezius and rhomboids which are in the middle of your back, making your waist look thinner by improving your posture. Along with your adductors (inner thighs) and tricpes (back of arms)

Pilates will reshape your body, leaving you looking trim, toned and feeling fantastic!

Adult Gymnastics

Adult gymnastics class provides an opportunity to use all the gymnastics equipment and learn some fun recreational gymnastics skills.  Focus will be on building up strength in the core, upper and lower body muscles and flexibility.  The class will work towards achieving harder, more complex gymnastics skills.

Adult Classes Timetable

9:30 am
7:30 pm
No classes scheduled
7:30 pm

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Absolutely loving the Thursday classes.  So glad you introduced them.  I’ve been looking for something for a while that worked in…..and included a creche.  The Thursday classes fit perfectly.  And I’m getting a really good workout too – using muscles I forgot I had.” – Joanne (Adult Participant)
The classes are fantastic. Love the trainer, the group, the classes, everything really. And, big thank you to the crèche girls……. they are such a wonderful help! Thank you – really enjoy them!” – Erin (Adult Participant)