Holiday Program Lunch Orders



Menu 1

Shared Lunch


Menu 2


Menu 3


Menu 4


Add on’s for Morning tea and / or lunch



2x Piece of Fruit





1x Piece of Fruit





1x Piece of Fruit





1x Piece of Fruit

Popcorn ($3)

Cookie ($3)

Mini Muffin ($2)

Raisin Bread ($2)

Banana Bread ($4)

Vege Sticks ($2)

10” Pizza

Cheese Pizza

Gluten Free available for extra





Air Fried

Nuggets & Chips with sauce


6” Pizza

Cheese Pizza

No Gluten Free available

You can also order these (above) individual items just for lunch.

Any extra toppings ($1 each)


Ham and Cheese (add $2)


Any extra

toppings $1 each

In addition you can add on one of our “Add on” menu items to your child’s morning tea and/or lunch.

Moving Bodies

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