Kid’s Fitness Classes at Moving Bodies Centre

Term Timetable


At the Moving Bodies Centre we aim to get your child moving and enhance their fitness and physical development.
We are conveniently located at Mt Kuring-gai (Hornsby) on Sydney’s Upper North Shore. There is plenty of convenient parking adjacent to the Centre.



Our Recreational Gymnastics classes are co-educational and cater for specific age groups. Lessons are designed to develop children’s confidence, creativity, spacial awareness and self esteem.

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All of our Kinderbub, Kindertots, Kindergym and Kindy Rec Classes and are designed to develop the whole child, socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically through the provision of a safe, structured, and multi-sensory environment.

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The Parkour and Fitness classes are a high energy, fitness based class that incorporates basic parkour skills.


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Yoga and Meditation

The Meditation / Relaxation and Yoga Workshop for Children aims to build a healthy body and mind through increased body awareness, children’s yoga and simple meditation techniques.

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Adult Classes

Classes include Adult Fitness, Adult Pilates and Adult Gymnastics.

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