Ninja FAQ

How much is the entry fee?

Our weekend and school holiday open sessions are $22 per person participating.  (There is no charge for supervising adults.)

How long does a session run for?

Every session starts with a compulsory safety briefing which takes around 5-10 minutes.

Please allow a total of 1 hour 30 minutes for a complete session.

Do I need shoes and socks?

Both shoes and GRIP socks are required to participate ion the course. The briefing will explain which areas these need to be worn. GRIP socks can be purchased from reception upon arrival. These can be used for each returing visit, so there is no need to purchase again for each visit.

What sorts of obstacles are in the Ninja course and how many?

The Ninja course consists of at least 24 obstacles to overcome.  These include spider wall, bars, floating doors, a rope ladder, cargo net, rings, calisthenics bars and swinging logs / floating steps.

The sessions also includes access to four warped walls, a pegged wall and a bouldering wall.

Where party groups are using these areas, casual entry participants must use an alternate area until the party group has moved onto another area of the course.

How early do I arrive?

Please arrive with plenty of time ready to start your session at your booked time.  We recommend arriving at least 10- 15 minutes prior to your booked start time to allow for parking, signing in, completing any paperwork where not completed online, and removing loose items.

Please note that no refunds or part refunds will be made if you do not arrive in time for the start of your booked session time.

What is the age limit?

The Ninja course is recommended for children 5+ years through to adult. We do offer Mini Ninja sessions for children 3-5 years of age.

Is there supervision?

All adults supervising should attend the safety briefing with their child/children and where supervising only, there is no charge to accompany the children.  Adult supervisors should ensure children in their care follow the safety rules and behave appropriately.

The Ninja courses are also supervised by Moving Bodies Ninjas instructors.

Can we leave our children at Moving Bodies Ninjas and pick them up at session end?

Moving Bodies Ninjas instructors will be present on the course at all times, so you are able to leave your child, after signing them in and pickup at the completion of the session.

However, please be mindful of your child’s age and their individual ability to participate in the course without your presence.

Is there a weight and height limit?

Participants should be 5+ years.

There is no weight restriction for participation.  Moving Bodies Ninjas will have height supports available.

What are the benefits of the Ninja course?

The course is a fun and challenging way to exercise.  You may find an improvement in strength, particularly upper body, muscle endurance and coordination as well as overall fitness.

The course will challenge children and adults alike.

Do I need prior experience?

There are no special skills or prior knowledge required.  We will provide a safety briefing and helpful hints to assist you in conquering the Ninja course.  We recommend you be prepared for a challenge but most of all, to have fun!

Do I still need to attend the safety briefing if I have participated previously?

Yes, every visit will include a safety briefing prior to participation on the course.  This is to ensure we provide a safe environment for participants.

At times we will mix up the obstacles, so it is important that you are up to date for each visit.

What do I bring and wear?

  • Closed shoes (sand shoes / sneakers) and GRIP socks must be worn..
  • No shoes allowed on the ninja course (carpet area)
  • We recommend comfortable clothes suitable for physical activity.
  • Please tie long hair back and remove jewellery. Please do not have any loose items on your person.  We recommend not bringing valuables as we do not have secure lockers.
  • We suggest you bring a towel and a drink of water.
  • For extra grip and hand protection, you may wish to bring training gloves. These are also available for purchase from the reception.
  • Please do not bring chalk to use on the Ninja course.

How do I book?

For your enjoyment of the Ninja course, we allow a specific number of people on the course at any one time.  We recommend you make a booking via our website to ensure your place in your preferred timeslot.

Online bookings are essential on weekends and holidays.  Without a booking, there is the chance that you may not be able to participate due to number allocations being reached.

Is the Ninja course safe for participation?

As with any sporting activity, there is some risk involved.  Each session will commence with a safety briefing to ensure a safe environment and we encourage appropriate focus and behaviour while participating on the course.  Moving Bodies Ninjas instructors will be present on the course at all times.

Is the Ninja course available for events?

The Ninja course provides a unique activity for corporate, sporting and community groups.  Suitable events include Christmas parties, team building and personal development activities, reward and recognition programs, school sport, plus hens and bucks afternoons.

Moving Bodies Ninjas can host your private event exclusively and can also offer in-house catering.

What facilities are available at Moving Bodies Ninjas?

Moving Bodies Ninjas includes a café.  Bathrooms plus disabled toilets are accessible for participants.

The warped walls and mini Ninja course are included with Moving Bodies Ninjas casual entry.  Where party groups are using these areas, casual entry participants must wait for these areas to be vacated.

Moving Bodies Ninjas is a non smoking venue.

Do I need to sign a consent form?

Yes a consent form must be signed prior to participation.  These are available online with your booking or in the office.

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