Benefits of our School Sport Programs

Since 1994 Moving Bodies has been providing high quality physical education programs for many Sydney primary schools.

Our programs are developed based on the NSW PDHPE Syllabus, which aim to support and improve physical, cognitive, social and emotional development along with improving students fundamental movement skills for all sports, in a safe and challenging environment.

Most importantly, our lessons are FUN!

Our programs also offer teachers & principals some respite from the time consuming task of having to plan lessons that fulfil the practical components of the NSW PDHPE curriculum.

Our Goal

Our goal is to give children the foundations for a lifetime of fun gained from physical activity. To put it simply, we want children to enjoy exercising in the hope that they will continue being active throughout their lives. Hopefully this will then lend them towards trying other sports and physical endeavours.


The Moving Bodies program provides two reliable instructors for each lesson. This ensures the highest level of safety and quality instruction. Our safety record is impeccable and we pride ourselves in always maintaining a safe environment for the students to enjoy themselves in.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to encourage, rather than force, children to try new things. This creates a non-threatening environment and is the best way to improve their gross motor skills and fitness.

Class Teachers Programming

Each class teacher is provided with extensive documentation for their programs. This includes:

  • Program Outline
  • NSW Outcomes and Indicators
  • Record Sheet
  • Activity Sheet

Student assessment

Students receive self-assessment Record Sheets designed to meet the needs of each stage. These are great to take home to parents, which enables them to see what their child has been participating in throughout the term. An Individualised Outcomes and Indicators / Scope and Sequence based assessment system is also provided for all programs being 8 weeks or more.

Our School Sport Programs & Equipment

We supply a large variety of equipment for each program. Moving Bodies fleet includes a truck, van and wagons that can deliver a large range of equipment to ensure your lessons are packed full of fun equipment!

Gymnastic program : we supply a variety of bars, beams, rebounders, boxes, wedges, parachutes and matting. We also include many hand held equipment such as bean bags, ribbon sticks, hoops and scarves.

Dance Program  : covers all of the dance elements through the use of stage appropriate locomotor and non locomtor skills plus fun choroegraphed dances.

Athletic program : we supply a full set of equipment which includes, shot puts, discuss, hurdles, high jump equipment with matting, batons and turbo javelins.

Ball sports program : can focus on a specific sport or offer a variety of sport experiences for children.

Fundamental Movement Skills & Sports Program : covers a diverse range of activities and equipment to allow students to perform a variety of skills, game play and sports.

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