Swimming Resuming after COVID-19

We are so excited to welcome you back to swimming this term!

COVID-19 has changed our world, but it has not changed our commitment to swimming and providing amazing lessons for you. However, our COVID safety plan is still in place, and you will see small changes around our centre/pool to ensure that we comply with the regulations and restrictions that are currently in place.

We ask for your assistance and help to implimtent these policies. This will ensure that we can continue to operate and offer our classes to you and your family.

Current COVID Policy in Place

– Please arrive already dressed in swimmers
– Please also wear WARM CLOTHES over swimmers on colder days.
– Upon arrival, you will be asked to sign in on our register/clipboard and also via the Service NSW app – this is located on the table outsdie the entry door.
– Please wait outside of the pool area (either in the café with 9 maximum capacity) or outside of the centre.
– At the starting time of the lesson, only the children (along with any parents who are also in the water) will be taken into the pool area with a Moving Bodies Staff Member. This is for PRIMARY AGED children only. Pre-school children may be escorted in with only 1 parent /guardian.
– Parents will be asked to wait either in the café or outside for the first few minutes of your child’s lesson.
– Once the parents/children from the previous class have left the pool area, you will have the option to enter and view your child’s lesson or stay in the cafe.

In order to assist in the above procedure, we ask for your assistance and consideration;

Please wrap and go as soon as your child has finished their swimming lesson.
Where a shower is required, please limit the shower to ‘one push’ of the shower button only.
Please exit via the ramp.
We ask that Grandparents and siblings (where possible) stay at home.
We welcome parents to stay in the café for the duration of your child’s lesson (preferable for older students).

We appreciate your understanding to make sure we all stay covid safe.

We look forward to welcoming you back!
From your Moving Bodies Aquatics Team


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