This fun and interactive workshop provides a safe and supportive space for children to learn valuable wellbeing and relaxation skills.

The program provides a wonderful balance between high-energy activities and calming relaxation.

Yoga and Qigong games actively engage the children to improve flexibility, co-ordination and body awareness, whilst a relaxing guided meditation journey with crystal bowls and other instruments provides a gentle and deeply nourishing experience.

The workshop will also offer an opportunity for creative self-expression, which helps to celebrate each child’s uniqueness – an important element of developing a strong sense of self.


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About Fiona Mackillop
Founder Inspired Wellbeing, Wellbeing Facilitator,
Qigong/Meditation Teacher,
Yoga Inspired Activities Teacher,
Massage & Energy Therapist,
Kid’s Environmental Education Officer/Ranger


With over 20 years experience in the wellbeing industry, Fiona is passionate about supporting others to create a healthier, balanced and more fulfilling life.
She teaches regular Qigong and Meditation classes, and facilitates a wide variety of wellness programs and live-in retreats.

Fiona worked for many years as a ranger and kids’ environmental educator. She believes in the importance of nurturing children’s holistic wellbeing to lay the foundations for a balanced and healthy life.

Fiona also runs a home clinic on the Northern Beaches, providing energetic healings and mentoring sessions.

“Fiona and I are both looking forward to sharing our inspiring ‘Wellbeing for Kids’ program at  the ‘Moving Bodies Centre.”


About Fiona Ellis
Founder of Alchemy of the Senses, 

Meditation Teacher, 

Energy and Sound Practitioner

Fiona has had an interest in health and wellbeing since her teenage years. She started doing regular meditations with her students when she worked as a Primary School teacher. The children loved it, and as she pursued meditation and also sound healing for her own growth and development, she saw how it could benefit children and adults alike.
For many years, Fiona has enjoyed creating and co- facilitating regular Meditation/Relaxation workshops for children at various venues, including Moving Bodies.
Fiona currently also facilitates group Meditation and Sound Bath sessions for adults, in the local community as a form of deep relaxation to reduce stress and anxiety. She also offers 1:1 sessions combining a sound bath experience with many instruments and meditation.


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