Kid’s Gymnastics, Novice / Intermediate & Advanced Tumbling (Triple T) and Transition Gymnastics Classes



Recreational Gymnastics

Term 1, 2024 starts: Thursday 1st February

Gymnastics is an amazing activity for everyone, building all the basic fundamental skills for most sports.

Classes are fun, energetic and challenging. Gymnasts participate in a variety of activities using circuits to keep every individual as active as possible. Balancing, rolling, twisting, climbing, swinging and jumping assist your child in the development of coordination, confidence, creativity, spacial awareness and self esteem. Classes incorporate games, group and partner activities, hand held apparatus and the use of all gymnastics equipment including mini tramps, trampolines, bars, rings, beams, boxes and mats. Children who have the skill level and capability to move past our recreational classes are invited to attend the transition and advanced recreational classes.


Advanced Transition Gymnastics (Invite Only)

Our Advanced Transition Gymnastics classes are designed for children who have the skill level and capability to move past our Recreational Classes and prepare for our Advanced Gymnastics Class.

This class focuses more on specific skill technique, along with a greater emphasis on strength and core work to build a strong body required for the more challenging skills attempted throughout these classes. This class incorporates all gymnastics equipment.
Gymnasts must be assessed before enrolling in this class.


Advanced Gymnastics (Invite Only)

Our Advanced Gymnastics classes run for 2 hours and concentrate on greater body awareness by building core body strength to enable gymnasts to perform more complex  gymnastics skills. The classes mainly focus on tumbling, vaulting and trampolining skills, however beam and bar skills are also included.

Once the gymnast can hold a strong handstand, perform a good cartwheel and keep their body tight, other more advanced skills, such as round offs, handsprings and backflips can be taught. Gymnasts must be assessed before enrolling into this class.

Novice Tumbling (Triple T) Tumbling, Tramp and Tricks.

Our Novice Triple T class runs for 1 hour and teaches forward and backward roll variations, handstands, cartwheel variations and bridges. These skills are taught systematically building through correct body shapes, improving strength and body awareness.

The class will practice mini tramp, trampoline skills, vaulting skills as well as learn basic acrobatic balances in pairs, trios and larger groups.


Intermediate and Advanced Tumbling (Triple T) Tumbling, Tramp and Tricks.

If you love to tumble and want to learn tumbling tricks, this class is for you!

Our Intermediate and Advanced Triple T classes run for 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the timetable. This class teaches handstand forward rolls, back extension rolls, cartwheel lead ups, round offs, walkovers and dive rolls. Once these skills are mastered, students will advance to round off combinations, handsprings, backflips, aerial cartwheels, front and back saltos, cartwheels flips, round off back saltos and front tumbling skills.

These skills are taught systematically building through correct body shapes, improving strength and body awareness. The class will practise mini tramp, trampoline skills, vaulting skills as well as learn basic acrobatic balances in pairs, trios and larger groups.
Gymnasts must be assessed before enrolling in this class.


What to bring / wear

  • Wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement
  • Children should be in bare feet only
  • Hair should be secured away from your child’s face
  • Children should not wear jewellery, hair clips, head bands, sunglasses etc
  • Bring a drink of water
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She came such a long way last year and really enjoyed your program, she is looking forward to another great year! – Deb, Hornsby Heights (Parent)
My daughter just did her first class at Moving Bodies at 5pm today. I was so impressed by the high quality teaching. She loved it, I have never seen her so excited after any activity she has ever done. I was amazed that the teachers actually demonstrated activities, and made an effort to know my daughter’s name – these are things that never happened at a previous centre. My daughter is very excited about her class next week, thank you. – Sharon, Mt Colah (Parent)
We have seen such a change in his posture and upper body strength…. Thanks so much for following up on everything. It is very nice to be able to deal with an organisation that is so diligent and professional. It’s a credit to you and all your staff! – Claire, Mt Colah (Parent)

award winning fitness centre north shore

The Moving Bodies Centre

We are a state of the art gym and fitness centre for kids and adults of all ages located at Mt Kuring-gai / Hornsby on Sydney’s Upper North Shore.  We are also the excited winners of the 2019 Local Business Award for “Most Outstanding Fitness Service”. 

The team at Moving Bodies aim to make exercise and fitness fun for children and adults of all ages – from babies to seniors. Aware of the demand among North Shore residents and their families for a local fitness centre where kids and adults can enjoy healthy and fun activities, Moving Bodies Centre was opened in April 2012.  The Centre, complete with indoor heated swimming pool, offers programs outside the school system that complement your family’s lifestyle.  Our aim for all who attend our programs is to enjoy staying fit in a supportive, safe and fun environment.

Our fitness classes include : kids gymnastics and fitness classes, adult fitness and pilates classes and learn to swim programs for kids and adults. 

Our new indoor Ninja course has a HUGE range of obstacles for you to commit and conquer! Take on our various sized warped walls, cargo nets, floating doors, rope climb, floating steps, spider wall, peg wall and loads more! Check out our open session times and school holiday programs. We regularly run Friday Night Ninja fun. Our Mini Ninja classes are perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers where children participate in fun activities that are both structured and unstructured with free time to explore the Ninja equipment.

We are also one of the North Shore’s biggest kid’s birthday party venues specialising in gymnastics parties, Ninja warrior parties, in-centre softplay parties and indoor pool parties.

Our indoor play centre incorporates two areas catering for children from 0-2 years of age and 3-11 years of age. It is also the perfect all-weather venue for indoor kids birthday parties.

Alternatively, our mobile birthday party equipment is available for hire and we can deliver to your home or birthday party venue.

At our brand new indoor parkour centre we offer kids parkour classes from ages 5+ form beginners to advanced. Our parkour course is open to adults and for kid’s parkour parties (coming soon) and features a variety of different levels of obstacles that you can jump, climb, swing, hang, roll and more! A spider wall, climbing wall, a peg wall plus 4 warped walls are all part of our parkour area!

Our school holiday vacation care programs are a huge part of the family services offered here at Moving Bodies and include gymnastics clinics, parkour theme sessions, meditation and yoga, and indoor soft play fun.

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