Policies, Terms and Conditions for Gymnastics & Ninja classes

Term Fees

  • Term fees are payable within the first two weeks of each term.
  • Mid term enrolments are payable upon first class and will be payable pro rata.
  • Sibling discounts and multi program discounts are only applicable for fees paid prior to week 2.
  • Fees paid after week 2 will not be eligible for discounts and $10 / week late fee will be applied till payment has been received.
  • Any individual considerations with this timeframe should be raised with Moving Bodies management.
  • Moving Bodies is registered as a provider for the Active Kids and Creative Kids Rebate. Please email your voucher to Moving Bodies.
  • Where a family holiday is booked for up to two weeks of the term enrolment, the term fee is payable in full and make up classes are offered. For holiday bookings longer than a two week period, pro rata enrolments will be at the discretion of management.
  • Two make up classes are offered per term. Moving Bodies appreciates notice of inability to attend a class and will offer a make up class within the same term that the class is missed.
  • Make up classes should be pre arranged such that safe class numbers can be maintained.
  • Make up classes are only applicable where term fees have been paid in full.
  • Make up classes are not transferable to another child.
  • Make up classes are not carried over to the following term.
  • Medical circumstances will be considered by management.

Public Holidays

  • Where a public holiday falls within the school term, classes will not operate and relevant term fees will be adjusted accordingly.


  • Moving Bodies does not automatically re-enrol students.  We recommend that re-enrolments be advised prior to the start of the new term for class management purposes.

Gymnastics Association Fees

  • Each registered member of Gymnastics NSW pays an annual registration fee that covers their personal insurance while participating in Gymnastics through a Gymnastics NSW affiliated club.  By registering as a member, participants receive access to exclusive offers, competitions and events.

Pick Up and Drop Off

  • Please ensure your child is signed in and out of each class and dropped off and picked up from the Centre appropriately. Please be mindful of all children and their safety when travelling in the vicinity of the Centre in a vehicle.
  • All class participants and siblings should be supervised by a parent prior to and after classes have finished.
  • Please do not enter the gym floor area or play on surrounding equipment, at any time, unless participating in a class and class has commenced.
  • Siblings are not permitted on the floor area or equipment at any time, and should remain safely with their parent. Please see reception for options with siblings during class times.

Sibling Discounts

  • A 5% sibling discount is applicable where more than one child per family is enrolled per term. This discount is applicable to children after the first child.
  • Sibling discounts are applicable to term time programs only.
  • Sibling discounts are available for multi-program enrolments.

Casual Visits

  • A casual visit prior to an enrolment is offered at a cost of $25. This casual visit fee is incorporated into the term fee should the participant go ahead with an enrolment.
  • The casual visit fee will only be put towards the enrolment of the child who participated and for the program that they participated in.
  • We encourage an initial casual visit where the child has not participated in the sport previously as Moving Bodies does not refund for change of mind or circumstance.  Medical circumstances will be considered.
  • A maximum of three casual visits for Gymnastics and Parkour programs are applicable prior to an enrolment for insurance and class management purposes.

Payment Methods

  • Moving Bodies accepts cash, eftpos, direct deposit and cheque payments for any program participation.


  • Any refund or credit requests will be approved at the discretion of Moving Bodies management.  Moving Bodies management will not refund requests due to change of mind or circumstance.
  • An administration fee of $15.00 is applicable for any refund, alteration or amendment to an existing enrolment.
  • Any missed classes during a term enrolment are non-refundable, however make up classes are offered.
  • Medical circumstances will be considered.


  • Sibling softplay is available for $2 per child while another family member is participating in a class.
  • Softplay on either side of an enrolled class is half price for the participant and siblings.

Loyalty Programs

  • Loyalty programs apply to full price visits only.
  • Loyalty cards used for sibling softplay promotions will be valid for a discount to the value of the promotion.  For example, either a free sibling softplay entry or $2 discounted from the full price entry.

Adult Fitness

  • Please consider your ten visit pass purchase carefully.  Moving Bodies will not refund for change of mind or circumstance.   Casual visits are offered as an option.
  • Adult Fitness passes are not transferable to another program at the Centre.

Holiday Clinics

Our holiday clinics are staffed according to enrolments as at 24 hours prior to the holiday clinic date.  We appreciate your co-operation in enrolling prior to the day of attendance and also for your courtesy in advising of any cancellations.

  • Please note that Moving Bodies is NOT approved for Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate.
  • Where a child is enrolled but does not attend and no cancellation notice is given, please note a fee of 50% of the enrolment fee will be payable.
  • Payment for holiday clinic attendances are payable prior to, or on the day of, attendance. If payment has been made to our bank account but is not visible on the day of attendance, please have proof of payment available.
  • Late payment fees are applicable.
  • Where a child is enrolled for a specific start and finish time, as coaches are rostered accordingly, there will be no fee reduction should the child arrive later or leave earlier than their enrolled time unless notice of 24 hours  is given.
  • For enrolments received less than 24 hours prior to the booking and on the day of attendance, an administration fee of $5.00 is applicable.
  • Late pick up will incur a late fee of $1 per minute payable at the time of pick up.  We appreciate your support in ensuring that children are dropped off and picked up at the times they have been enrolled for.
  • A credit will be offered for Holiday Clinic attendance where payment has been made and notification of absence is advised.


  • Moving Bodies Pty Ltd wishes to advise of the risk of injury associated with the sporting activities that are organised at our premises.
  • Moving Bodies takes every precaution to ensure our classes offer the highest standard of safety. The wellbeing, health and safety of our members and coaches are of utmost importance.
  • Participating in sporting activities at our Centre are however done so at the participant’s own risk. Parents and carers are responsible for their child’s health should any injury occur.
  • Our coaching staff have relevant industry qualifications and experience. All staff undergo Working with Children Checks and have completed First Aid requirements.


  • Moving Bodies seeks parental permission for our staff photographer to include your child/ren in photography and videoing during classes and holiday programs.
  • These materials may be used for updating our digital media, both in-house and promotional.  Suitable material will potentially be used to update our Moving Bodies Centre brochures, website, and facebook page.  No names will be noted.
  • Please advise Moving Bodies upon enrolment if you do not wish to consent.


  • Moving Bodies requires personal information at the time of enrolling for a program. These specifics, such as your name, contact number, email address, and postal address enable us to provide our service and communicate with you.  This information also allows us to provide a variety of updates and upcoming program detail to you.
  • Required information also includes details about participating children such as their age and any medical or behavioural conditions. This information assists us with our class management.
  • Under no circumstances are personal details shared with a third party.
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